My process (photography)

The step-by-step process on the background of my photography work from out in the field, to behind the computer screen in the post-processing process.


Setting up the shot

Before hitting the shutter on the camera, I set up the shot the way I see it in my head. First I look at my surroundings and the lighting. There are some cases where I need to set the camera on a tripod to make sure the shot is composed and framed properly according to my taste. After setting up the shot, I check my camera settings and do a few test shots to make sure it is what I want.

taking the shot

Once my shot is set up, depending on what I am photographing, I will normally take the shot. Now if I am waiting for a train, I will just patiently wait until it shows up.

Adobe lightroom (Post-processing):

Starting off with processing a photo, I first crop and level the image accordingly, unless it was done through the camera already.

Adobe lightroom: post-processing (cont.):

After cropping and leveling the photo, I mess around with any shadows, highlights, whites, blacks, white balance if needed, exposure, contrast, color saturation, and sometimes clarity.

Adobe photoshop (post-processing):

After exporting to Adobe Photoshop from Lightroom, I touch up the contrast/tone of the image with the software's "Auto Contrast" feature. Any other exposure, contrast, and color correction may be applied if needed. Other than that, the photo will be resized for either publication or web specifications. After resizing the photo for its intent purpose, I reduce any additional noise (digital grain) that may have been produced during the post-processing. And afterwards, I apply some additional sharpening using the "Smart Sharpen" feature. This allows me to make the image look crisp, but not to the point where it is oversharpened.